Steve & Marla Simon
Sales Representatives
Royal LePage Locations North
Royal LePage Locations North

For Buyers

Buying a home is one of the most important decisions in your life.  

Your home should fit your lifestyle, be in the right area, have the right gathering and nesting space and its style and functionality should reflect you and your family. Our 5 step process is designed to help you find the perfect home and then purchase it at the right price:

  • We work with you to clearly define your desires and needs to locate the perfect home to enhance your lifestyle. Rarely do people know exactly what they want when they start the process. Through showings and dialogue we help you refine your needs and find the perfect fit. 
  • We provide local knowledge about schools, services, environmental regulations, likely problems with a given area (propensity for wet basements, poor water quality, etc....) and the potential resale market. You need a lot of information to make this decision and we are there for you with the answers or a plan on how to get the information you need.
  • We build statistical models to determine the right offer price for your home. No more random sheets of loose paper with past sales. We provide everything in tables with hyperlinks to current listings and details on past sales.
  • We add the conditions to your offer that you need to protect your investment. Water tests, well tests, home inspections, environmental issues, WETT (wood burning fireplaces) inspection; we provide you with a list of qualified experts in the field to ensure your investment is protected. 
  • We work with you to plan a deal negotiation that is designed to get you the best price possible. We bring decades of high level negotiation experience and skills to the table and get the best price we can.