Business Description

Blue Mountain Vacuum Centre is a retailer located in the heart of Collingwood that specializes in vacuum sales and repairs for residential and commercial vacuums, and the selling, instillation, and repair of built in or central vacuums. Under the residential category includes; canisters, uprights, stick, handhelds and robots. Under the commercial category includes; canisters, uprights, wet/dry, carpet extractors, and carpet sweepers. Lastly, under the built in/central vacuum category includes; power units with accessories and cleaners for all types of environments, in addition to all types of vacuum bags.


Her Story

Although Meghan and her husband both have different career backgrounds prior to taking over this business, it did not take long for them to fall in love with the community and learn the ropes of entrepreneurship. Meghan’s husband had experience working as an insurance adjustor, while Meghan worked in the juvenile system as a social worker. Combining his financial skills with her ability to work with people, they have been successful in the business since they purchased it in 2011. The business itself has been in the community since 1986. Meghan was advised by her mother that an opportunity had become available to purchase this business in a wonderful community, and they happily took a chance to make a positive change in their careers and living space. The previous owners worked with them for a total of 4 months, training them extensively on all the products and services. 


What Customers Love Most About Their Business

Customers have highlighted Meghan and her husband’s amazing customer service skills and their ability to provide individualized and unique service to find the perfect vacuum or repair service for their needs. Regardless of the individual or situation, Meghan will do her best to accommodate their wants and needs and will provide services for any age of customers who walk through the door.


Unique Facts About the Business 

This retailer has a special showroom that contains new vacuums and all of the accompanying products that come with them.The customers have the opportunity to try any of the vacuums they currently have in stock, with different carpet and flooring options to mirror what is in the customer’s living space. With this available trial space, customers can feel confident they are purchasing the best vacuum to suit their individual needs. 


Why They Chose Collingwood

Meghan’s parents have lived in the community for a number of years and have grown close with local business owners and many growing families. After visiting her parents on many occasions, Meghan fell in love with the area and it’s beautiful people.She particularly loved how close knit the community was and how everybody knows and supports one another in every way possible. Everybody consistently works together with the goal of maintaining the economy and community while contributing to the greater good. Some of Meghan’s favourite things to do in the area include; visiting Wasaga and Craigleith beach, shopping at the Collingwood market every Saturday, skiing at Blue Mountain, hiking at Pretty River conservation area, eating at the delicious variety of restaurants in town and in the village, and going to the greater northern exhibition. 


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