Offering a heightened taste on classic cuisine, this restaurant is a favourite in the Meaford area.



Located in the heart of Meaford, this restaurant follows the philosophy of fresh, local and variety inspired options in the  menu that is offered in a cozy environment. Everything in the restaurant is made out of black walnut trees of the highest quality, mimicking a European rustic look with a nice ambience. This gem was opened in 2015 by Sylvia Gardulski and her husband Andrew Barber, who is the head chef of the restaurant.

As with The Mill that is in Thornbury, all the food is made fresh in house rather than purchased frozen or frosted prior to cooking. The menu is constantly changing with the seasons to match the quality of the food that is local and in season. Their vision for this location, was to offer high quality comfort food in the downtown core of Meaford. The chef Andrew Barber was born and raised in Meaford, therefore was thrilled to offer a unique spin on classic cuisine that returned him to his roots as a child.

For a few years, the couple were pitching ideas to the Town of Meaford on an ongoing basis to make their vision come to life. When they eventually finalized a plan, they were excited to bring their charm and passion for the industry into a restaurant business in Meaford. Although most of their focus is on The Mill in Thornbury due to its consistent large crowds and prime location, they still dedicate their efforts to Andrews Roots to make sure it keeps up to par with their quality philosophy that is portrayed in all their businesses.

Customers have highlighted this restaurant as being a local favourite, that offers amazing and intricate options that can appeal to a wide range of food preferences and diets. The customers have also highlighted the staff’s ability to pay attention to the finer details of the service that creates a special experience for all of those who enter and dine.



Why They Chose and Love Meaford

Although Andrew Barber was raised and local to Meaford, there are other reasons they wanted to situate a business in this beautiful location. Firstly, they have always had a dream to retire in Meaford on the mountains or in a cottage on the lake. The relaxing environment and breathtaking landscapes make for the perfect retirement location.

Secondly, Sylvia has highlighted many perks to this area including; The Harbour, the cute beaches, the outstanding views and the quietness and intimacy of the town that is also apparent in Thornbury.

It is also economically sound to invest in property in Meaford, as it has many affordable options.

Lastly, their collaboration with the Town of Meaford inspired them to add another restaurant to spice up the area for locals and tourists alike. Some of their favourite things to do in Meaford include; going for pleasant walks downtown, visiting the Meaford theatre, going to the beaches in the summer and sailing at the harbour.

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