For many COVID-19 has changed lifestyles dramatically.  There has been a lot of uncertainty for many Canadians and this has had serious long-term effects for families.  However, not all of it is for the worse.  With the dramatic social shifts in behaviour to avoid COVID-19 hots spots, an unprecedented number of people have decided to look for homes in the Southern Georgian Bay area.  In August 2020 volume sales were up 114% over the previous year and in the third quarter of 2020, an all-time record for the region was set with the total sales volume up a whopping 95%!

Why Buy in Georgian Bay?

 This choice to move from the cities in Ontario to Southern Georgian Bay comes down to a few important reasons:

  • Its Ontario’s Playground: With technology replacing the need to commute, many homebuyers have decided they should work where they play! Southern Georgian Bay is known for its spectacular ski hills, hiking, water sports and golf courses.  This makes it a convenient choice when you can work close to the pursuits that suit your active lifestyle.
  • Coming Home to Cottage Country: A large portion of people who are moving to Southern Georgian Bay permanently were already part-time residents, as cottage owners or vacationers. This makes moving to the region an easy choice as many buyers already have existing connections to the region and know what it has to offer.
  • The New Normal for Vacations: With the spectre of COVID-19 sure to make international travel difficult for some time, plenty of people have turned to buying second properties in Southern Georgian Bay so they can have their own private vacation destination without the hassle or risk of travelling abroad.
  • Close to the GTA: At about a 90-minute drive to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Southern Georgian Bay is both out of the rat race, away from the large COVID-19 concentrations and still within a reasonable commute. Though work is decentralizing, it is likely the GTA will remain the hub of business in Ontario, so homebuyers still want to have a reasonable travel time should they have to “go into the office”.

What Does This Mean for You?

If you have an interest in the Southern Georgian Bay region, either as a home seller or as a buyer, the upward sales trends have serious implications for you.

• For the Buyer: The extreme demand for houses in Southern Georgian Bay requires fast action on the part of buyers. Many properties are on the market for a very short time and frequently they sell before their marketing is fully in place. This requires the shopper in the region to rely heavily on a local real estate agent. In the Southern Georgian Bay area Lifestyles North is the ideal option for buyers. We ensure our agents have their finger on the pulse of the market and have a keen eye to match the property to their client as fast as possible. Without this local expertise and attention to detail, a buyer will likely find their best options will simply be sold before it ever comes to their attention!

• For the Seller: Right now, demand has turned it into a classic sellers’ market. Inventory of homes is being outstripped by demand. This means that if you are sitting on a property you are considering selling, now is the time to act! Fewer options for buyers means you have a chance of selling faster and at higher prices than the market would normally allow for. However, the flood of buyers moving into the region will likely slowdown in the coming months after the lion’s share those who are seeking out the region make their purchases. So, call your Lifestyles North Sales Representative to get your home on the market now and watch the offers roll in!

Welcome to Southern Georgian Bay

The COVID-19 pandemic certainly has reinforced the adage that the only thing that is certain is change, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the real estate markets of our region. If you live in or want to live in Southern Georgian Bay, this should be quite obvious. If you are thinking of selling act now while demand is high and call us to market your listing. If you are thinking of buying you also need to act now. Put your Lifestyles North Sales Representative to work finding the right options for you before the inventory and choice is gone! Don’t let the positive implications of all of this change in real estate pass you because they won’t be around for long.

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