By Joe Saunders, Director of Marketing

Recent events with the COVID-19 pandemic have added a completely new set of challenges to our day to day lives.  These challenges extend to all types of business with “Social Distancing” making face to face meetings difficult.  Because of this, it may seem that the process of house hunting is not possible as I am sure the thought of going to an unfamiliar house with the potential of exposure to new germs might be a major discouragement for you.  Fortunately, with the transition of real estate marketing going from face to face visits to cyberspace (to see my previous blog on this Click Here) there are many ways to keep your efforts to discover your dream home alive!

At Lifestyles North we are proud to be on the cutting edge of the technology curve when it comes to providing the edge to our client’s listings. For this reason, we offer Video Tours, Interactive Floor Plans and Electronic Brochures for most of our listings.  Each of these have special qualities that will empower the house hunting process, or give sellers the advantage in getting their property noticed by buyers.

Video Tours:  Video tours are not new to real estate, they have been around for a while.  And why not…nothing can engage the viewer better than video.  We all have emotional connections with are homes and videos are the best option to create a connection with your living space.  Where Lifestyles North changes things up is with production value.  Most video tours are simply a trip through the home.  We see this differently; each video is a journey into what makes a property special.  We highlight the small details that may appeal to the potential buyer lingering on the unique aspects of each listing.  We are firm believers that the house hunter is best served by capturing the real emotional essence of what it means to be in that home.

Interactive Floor Plans: If video is the key to establishing an emotional connection to a property, interactive floor plans provide the hard details about the living space.  Lifestyles North uses a very advanced software called Iguide.  This provides images that gives you a very realistic view of each room.  You can turn in place to see all angles while “moving” room to room on your computer screen. This effectively put you in the shoes of an open house visitor…the closest experience you could have to actually being there.  Additionally, Iguide provides accurate measurements and floor plan layouts for the property for your own reference.

Electronic Brochures:  With interactive floor plans and video tours providing the fine details for remotely touring a home, it becomes necessary to provide a resource to tie it all together in an easy way. It is important for people to understand the key points of the property without having to read huge volumes of information or sift through large numbers of photos.  This is where Lifestyles North’s electronic brochures come in.  Laid out in an electronic book format, complete with “flip-able” pages, these engaging documents give you the highlights of what makes a property special, with the key features, images and links to further explore the resources for the property all at your fingertips.

With the Pandemic keeping everyone at home, you need to remember that current events need not bring your house hunting to a halt.  There may not be an exact replacement for seeing a living space in person, but with Video Tours, Interactive Floor Plans and Electronic Brochures you can get as close to being there as possible.   Better still, you can use all of these features from the comfort of your home and you will not even need to get out of your pajamas!  So, relax, kick back continue your home search and let Lifestyles North’s online resources introduce you to your new dream home.

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