Top 10 ways to support our community and local business this summer (and beyond)


  1. Buy gift cards, but don’t spend them right away.   This is a great way to support our businesses, especially if you do not need anything right away.
  2. Consider dining outside at one of our fantastic restaurants.  With the beautiful weather going out to local restaurants is a great option, or keep ordering take out – who wants to cook now that the sun is shining.
  3. Donate to your favourite cause.  Most of our local charities can no longer hold their usual fundraising events.  Don’t know where to donate?  Give us a call or email and we’ll send you a list of the organizations that we donate to.
  4. Support our local musicians.  Consider hiring one or two of our talented local musicians or a group to play at a socially distance street party.  A great way to bring the community together AND help support our musical talent.
  5. Support our local artists by buying a painting.  After months of looking at the same bare walls, liven up your home (and zoom calls) by purchasing a painting (or two or three).  There are many wonderful art galleries in the area. 
  6. Exercise!  Many of our local gyms, fitness and yoga studios continue to offer online classes.  Others are moving the gyms outdoors.  Work off all that banana bread and sour dough bread you baked all Spring and support a local business in the process.  Don’t know where to start, give us a call and we’ll help you find the right fit for you whether a beginner or advanced!
  7. Treat yourself to a mani/pedi or hair cut – or all three.  Many spas are reopening with Covid protocols in place.  Remember to tip well – your hair stylist who makes you look amazing has not worked in several months and can really use the extra cash!
  8. Don’t forget your pets – many animals were adopted over the past few months.  Make sure they have what they need as the weather warms up!  Water bowls for outdoors, toys and treats.  Didn’t get a pet before the lockdown?  There are plenty of adorable puppies and kittens still looking for forever homes.  Contact the Georgian Triangle Humane Society.  And don’t forget, you can donate here too!  They do amazing work rescuing animals here and across Canada!
  9. Leave reviews on Google and/or Facebook.  This one doesn’t cost you anything but time.  Had a good meal?  Leave a nice review!  Bought a pretty dress?  Leave a nice review!  Heard a great song by a local musician?  Leave a nice review!   And don’t forget to “Like” your favourites on Facebook or Instagram so you can keep up to date on specials, news and happenings.
  10. Be patient and be kind.  Now is not the time to criticize or judge.  And that includes online.  We are all trying our best and we all need to support each other and our community.  Many business are struggling with inventory and staffing, especially those that had to shut down for several months, so please be patient while they figure out how to move forward.                               

BONUS POINT:  Please, please, please wear a mask and wash your hands.  Please protect our shop owners and workers, restaurant staff, friends and neighbours by wearing a mask.  You don’t know if the person across the way has a compromised immune system, lives with an elderly relative or other high risk issues- it’s just the right thing to do as we work to keep ourselves safe and the virus out of our community!


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