The Lifestyles North Team members are incredibly happy to be working and living in our beautiful four-season area.  Unfortunately, there are many in our community that are not quite as blessed as we are and we are passionate about giving to those in need.  To that end, each year we sponsor many fund-raising events and in lieu of Holiday Gifts for our clients, we donate to several local charities.

This year in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, most if not all, fund raising events have been cancelled.  Many local charities have been particularly hard hit and are vital in serving those in need in our community.  While there are many that are looking for support, here is the list where we plan on donating this year and ask that you think about donating as well.

We appreciate that we all have opinions on who/what/which organization is most in need.  So, we ask that if your favourite is not on the list, please donate to those whose work is important to you.

We can hopefully all afford to give a little extra this year.  However, if you, or someone you know is particularly hard hit, please reach out. We are happy to help, in confidence, those truly struggling.

  1. Events for Life – Enriching the lives of individuals with special needs by providing educational, social and recreational day programs geared toward lifelong learning in the Blume Mountains and surrounding areas
  2. My Friend’s House – Provides a safe haven for woman and empowers them to reclaim and rebuild their lives.
  3. Georgian Triangle Humane Society – Non-profit animal centre providing shelter for homeless animals and facilitating adoptions to caring families.
  4. Beaver Valley Outreach – Provides quality programs and services to enhance the social, economic and environmental well-being of people in our community.
  5. Home Horizon – Working with youth at risk of homelessness

Click this button to donate directly to any of these worthwhile organizations:

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